Eldery Woman Sues Children For Not Looking After Her – World – Nz Herald News

Strains of Salmonella Heidelberg are associated with chicken distributed to retail outlets in California, Oregon and Washington state, the USDA said in a statement. The Salmonella outbreak has spread to 18 states, though most of the reported illnesses have been in California. The outbreak appears to have begun in March and the USDA was notified of the illnesses in July, said Dan Engeljohn of the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. Investigators had a difficult time pinpointing the source of the illnesses, Englejohn said. A spokesman for Foster Farms said no recall was in effect and that the infections were caused by eating chicken that was undercooked or improperly handled. The USDA has not directly linked the outbreak of illnesses to a specific product or production period. The USDA mark on suspect packages would read: P6137, P6137A and P7632.
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Hospitals and insurers struggle to reduce costs by patients dubbed “super-utilizers” – The Washington Post

But in December, the government went further, amending its elder care law to require that children also support their parents emotionally. Children who don’t visit their parents can be sued by mom and dad. The law pits the expectations of society against the complexities of family, and begs the question: How do you legislate love? Zhang Zefang, with her thin frame and soft smile, hardly looks like the vindictive matriarch many assume she must be. She is one of about 3,800 people in the village of Fusheng in southwest China, where the pace is slow and the atmosphere placid. But inside Kuang and Zhang’s home, there is war. Resentment hangs in the air, acrid and sharp like the stench from the urine-filled bucket next to Zhang’s bed.
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The 10 Best Foods for Health – Cook This! Not That – Men’s Health

Some are Medicare patients unable to afford the many drugs needed to manage their chronic health problems. Others are younger dual eligibles who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid and who often bounce from emergency room to emergency room, struggling with substance abuse, homelessness and related medical conditions. Still others have private health insurance . Nearly all wind up in emergency rooms because they have enormous difficulty navigating the increasingly fragmented, complicated and inflexible health-care system. Because of lack of alternatives or force of habit, they use hospitals, often several in the same city, for care that could be provided far more cheaply and effectively in outpatient settings. Many suffer from the phenomenon known as extreme uncoordinated care. In the past few years, efforts to lower costs and improve care have proliferated. In Ann Arbor, Mich., two programs at the University of Michigan Health System assign specialized case managers to super-users, some of whom have been in the ER more than 100 times in a year. In a largely rural swath of central Pennsylvania, Geisinger Health System enrolls elderly Medicare patients in its Proven Health Navigator program, calling them after they leave the hospital and providing heart failure patients with scales that transmit data to nurses: Sudden weight gain can signal a problem.
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Төрөхөд нөхөр чинь хажууд байвал салах магадлал өндөр

Best food for your brain: BLUEBERRIES Anthocyanidin, the antioxidant pigment responsible for the blueberrys hue, has a powerful bolstering effect on learning and memory. Several studies have indicated that cognitive functions increase along with blueberry consumption. Best food for all-day energy: QUINOA Quinoa has higher concentrations of energy-producing B vitamins than any other whole wheat grain. Best food after a workout: GREEK YOGURT Not only does Greek yogurt have two to three times the amount of protein of normal yogurt, it also has all the amino acids you need to rebuild your muscles after a trip to the gym. Best food for boosting your mood: SALMON Add happiness to the list of perks derived from the omega-3 fats in salmon. Several studies have linked EPA and DHA, the dominant form of omega-3s in fish, to a decreased risk of depression. Best food for healthy skin: ALMONDS After examining the diets of 453 people, Australian researchers found that monounsaturated fats exhibited protective properties and actually prevented both wrinkles and sun damage.
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